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Corporate  Videos

Narrative Films

let go  - covert photo
​​The Big Lebowski - Jesus Scene remake

| Tel Aviv, 2017

The Breakup Scene
from Celeste and Jesse

New York, 2017

Skate Girl

Tel Aviv, 2007

Broken White

New York, 2017

A Few Things I want to Tell You.

Tel Aviv, 2006

Light Over Feet

New York, 2017


Tel Aviv, 2008

The Neverending Story

Music Videos

Hey Hey, My My
Ready To Love You
I Have an Idea
David Buzaglo & Gabriel Assuline
Neil Young



Trophy Dreams Trailer

Rio De Janeiro, 2014

How to Survive Amsterdam With Your Mother (First 3 Scenes)

Amsterdam, 2018

Running Tiberias Marathon in less then 3 hours

Tiberias, 2018

Special Projects

Bar and Me.
80's covers star Jenna O'Gara | Get The Rebound

New York, 2017

crazy richard race cover.jpg
Israeli international documentary and fictional film director



Jonathan Hauerstock, began his career in communication world in 2002 when he joined the Israel Defense Forces Spokesperson Unit . After 3 challenging years of military service where he learned the Israeli and International media, Jonathan decided to continue his career in the industry and began working with, Israel's biggest news web site "Ynet" as a photographer and video editor .


During his time there his passion for film and art grew and he began to study at Tel Aviv University Film and Television department. Hauerstock wrote and directed the short film "LET GO" which screened at the LA New Wave film festival in Los Angeles and won an honorable mention . Following the momentum Hauerstock has created music videos, short videos on YOU TUBE and was a apart in a lot of interesting projects.


These days Hauerstock is editing his Final project for his degree, "Get The Rebound" his latest short film and another milestone on his way to create features films and work as the producer of Clutch Animation, Video and Digital House. An international studio for marketing video and digital assets which works with the top high tech companies worldwide such as Google and many more.